Maxey Seat Cover Center Inc. Joins Reedy Racing for the 2019 Season

Reedy Racing is pleased to announce that another long tenured Roanoke Valley family business, Maxey Seat Cover Center Inc., as a sponsor for 2019.

Maxey Seat Cover Center Inc. has been in business for 65 years. Maxey prides themselves on being the leading provider of premium automotive accessories such as sunroofs, leather seats, mobile electronics, roof treatments, and restorations. The sponsorship rekindles a relationship that goes back to the mid 1990’s. Maxey sponsored Bryan’s dad Tink when he raced for long time area car owner James “Chubby” Arrington.

“Even though we did not plan it like this, we are really excited to have long time, family run businesses, help our team this year,” explained Bryan. “Our family has three generations of racers and Maxey is a three-generation business as well. They have been open since 1954 in the Roanoke Valley and is a perfect fit for our team. We look forward to representing them on the track and throughout the community.”

Reedy Racing continues to work hard in anticipation of our first race of the season at Motor Mile Speedway on Saturday April 27th. Sponsorship opportunities remain open and we would love to hear from you if your business is interested. Contact us today!